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Accounting and Legal practices, Real Estate Agents and Settlement Agents are all required to have their Trust Accounts audited annually by an independent Auditor.

We are experienced in Trust Account Audits for the following;

Accounting practices

Legal practices

Real Estate Agents

Settlement Agents

Audit Partners Australia is committed to delivering to you:

An independent, quality and robust audit that will ensure you meet your statutory obligations in a non-onerous way.

Personalised, friendly and practical service that focuses on building strong client relationships.

Leading-edge software technology that enhances the quality of your audit, while efficiently and proactively managing the process in a supportive manner.

Cost effective service to meet your audit needs - be they simple or complex.

Timely turn-around, with audits being completed on average within 7 business days of our audit visit.

Proactive solutions-based advice and suggestions to improve your practices and systems, identify areas of improvement or potential risk.

Audits either onsite or offsite - to ensure minimal interruption and convenience for you.

Ongoing support related to areas other than your specific audit, including: 

Trust Account procedures training

Trust Account practices and processes advice

Updates on Trust Account Rules

Regulations and guidelines and how your business may be affected

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