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Financial statements audits are required both to meet regulatory reporting as well as providing peace of mind to industry, regulators and the community at large.


Our experience allows us to understand the challenges that come with having an audit done. We will work closely with your team to minimise interruption while also being thorough.

We understand the challenges community organisations face in co-ordinating efficient audit services.


Our clients are from a broad range of organisations, including: 

Community Organisations


Sporting Clubs

Local government

Government Organisations


Aged Care

Disability Services

Racing Clubs.

Audit Partners Australia is committed to delivering to you:

An independent and quality financial statement audit that will ensure you meet your statutory obligations in a non-onerous way.

Personalised, friendly and practical service that focuses on understanding the specific requirements of each client, ensuring we fulfil these requirements and bring peace of mind to the your board.

Leading-edge software technology that enhances the quality of your audit, while efficiently and proactively managing the process in a cost-effective and supportive manner.

Proactive solutions-based advice and suggestions to improve your processes and systems, identify areas of improvement or potential risk, and help sort through any financial reporting or accounting issues you may face.

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